About Us

CTPMA is an independent member-supported association of retail, lubricants, and wholesale fuel marketers. Founded over 25 years ago as the Chevron Petroleum Marketers Association, it became CTPMA in 2004 with the addition of the Texaco brand.

CTPMA exists to create a forum whereby marketers can exchange ideas, best practices and suggestions among themselves and with supplier management on issues that can positively affect the marketer channel. CTPMA believes that communications and positive relations between marketers and its suppliers are essential to ensure that marketers have the maximum opportunity possible to out-perform the competition in the marketplace. By learning from each other, CTPMA members can increase their chances of business success.

Our Mission

The mission of CTPMA Inc. is to help our members grow and prosper in a challenging and rapidly changing marketplace.

To Fulfill Our Mission We Will

  1. Organize our efforts and engage our supplier to address retail, lubricants and commercial fuels issues.
  2. Promote open, trusting and mutually beneficial relationships with our supplier.
  3. Provide opportunities for individual members to have personal contact with supplier management.
  4. Encourage members to learn from each other through the sharing of best practices and experiences.
  5. Communicate from a marketer’s perspective supplier policies and programs to our members.
  6. Call upon respected marketers to lead the association as members and officers of the board and its committees.

Our Membership

CTPMA’s membership is comprised of over 200 marketers and associate members. Marketers are independent distributors of petroleum products.

Associate members represent multiple brands of products, and are suppliers of non-petroleum products and services to marketers throughout the industry. Associate members can communicate directly through CTPMA’s annual advertising program. A complete listing of associate members with contact information and products/services offered is provided in an annual directory

Organization Structure

CTPMA is organized as a trade association. The board of directors is made up of independent petroleum marketers from around the country representing all 50 states. An Executive Committee, comprised of the association’s officers, is elected annually by a vote of the full board. Each board member also serves on one of three operating committees.

An Executive Director who conducts the day-to-day business of CTPMA supports the board. The Executive Director meets with the board at least twice a year. The full board including its operating committees also meets regularly with supplier management to engage in discussions on issues to promote the success of supplier brands within the marketer channel of trade.


CTPMA publishes a quarterly newsletter in which the actions of the association are communicated to its members. All meetings are summarized and minutes are published. Also included are noteworthy articles of interest to marketers. This information is also available to the membership on the association’s website.
In addition, CTPMA conducts periodic membership surveys to identify areas of concern and interest to marketers. This information provides valuable input to the board and helps focus the association’s discussions with our supplier.