Board of Directors Meeting – March 6, 2019

CTPMA Board of Directors Meeting

Houston, TX

March 6 ,2019

Members Present:  Gary Brooks, David Collins, Shawn Frate, Vincent Sullivan, Buddy Lott, Richard Becktel, Larry Mitchell, Mark Spanol, Chris Page, Mike Simmons, Ryan Edone, Chris Lindblom, Brad Brewer, Rick Reese, Mike Salhi, Kyle Lehne, Joe Hunt, Nathan Crum, Bill Kent

Members Absent:   Alec McBarnet, Dale Heinze Norm, Chris Lindblom, Josh Emmick, Jeff Hart, Ric Mayer, Ed Awad.

  1. Welcome   Anthony Misetich opened the meeting at 1:04PM and thanked everyone for their participation. Anthony then introduced new board President Shawn Frate who extended a welcome to the group. Anthony then introduced new board members Kyle Lehne, Mike Sahli, Joe Hunt, Mark Spanol. Anthony then reviewed the anti-trust compliance statement.
  2. Minutes of the July 22, 2018 Board meeting will be sent electronically to the board for review changes or additions.  
  3. Financial Report Anthony in the absence of CTPMA Treasurer Alec McBarnet reported that CTPMA’s financial position remained strong. CTPMA as of the end of December 2018 had made a profit of $5,899 and by the end of January 2019 had $479,912 in the bank.  The 2019 yearly budget was presented, and the budget was passed by the board. Anthony Misetich then explained that the IRS audit cost the association nearly $19,000 in accounting fees and a $3300 payment to the IRS for part-time contractor Marie Krasovech who received a 1099.All operational issues of the audit are concluded with the exception that the association is appealing the IRS to determine whether the association was meeting the operational requirements of an organization exempt from Federal Taxes and he has worked with the accountant to provide the requested information. An issue that was brought before the board by the Executive Director is the CTPMA website. Upon the advice of the accountant the website needed to reflect a broader emphasis the association does in the industry rather than limited focus on the Chevron and Texaco brands. A motion was made to make those adjustments to the website reflecting a broader emphasis of the association’s purpose and limit the reference to Chevron Texaco. There was a motion made, seconded and passed by the board with Mike Simmons and Wenda Lewis abstaining.

Another issue that was brought before the board was a potential due increase for membership dues for 2020. As dues haven’t been increased since 2011 Anthony discussed the issue of possible dues increase. There was general agreement that a dues increase was in order, there was a focus about a rationalization of the membership line item categories, into 4-5 categories. A motion was made and seconded and passed by the board that finalization of fees and categories could not be decided at this Spring Meeting but would be developed throughout the year and sent to the board via e-mail not later than September in order to get final approval for a change in membership dues. A letter explaining the dues change would be sent to marketers in November prior to invoicing the membership in December 2019.

  1. Travel to CTPMA board meetings Anthony presented a new board policy previously discussed with the executive board, regarding travel to and from CTPMA board meeting in that (1) Board members are expected to use the lowest logical airfare available. (2) Board members should reserve 7-day advance notice purchases. A motion was made and seconded and passed by the board – that CTPMA would adopt such policies for future board travel.
  1. Membership Development   Anthony reviewed the current CTPMA membership levels as compared with the previous year. There were 170 paid up members of CTPMA in 2018- 47 associate members and 123 marketer members. The goal this year is to have 43 associate members and 129 marketer members. While Chris is following up on marketers who have not joined yet for 2019 with telephone calls, e-mail blasts, and requests in the monthly CTPMA e-news monthly bulletins to get them renewed, Anthony is working the potential marketer contact lists and attending the WPMA and other tradeshows to attract additional associate members to the association. Those members not yet joined will be contacted directly and there will be one additional membership solicitation mailing in mid-April.  Anthony also asked each board member to sponsor or help sign up one new marketer member for 2019. Lists with potential marketers will be send to board members towards the end of March.
  2. CTPMA Board Status Anthony reviewed board member composition of the Retail East, Retail West and Commercial Products Committees. Kyle Lehne, Mike Salhi, Joe Hunt and Mark Spanol were all introduced as new members of the commercial products committee, Anthony is still seeking a least one new member each of the Retail West and East Committees. Ryan Edone is the new Chair of the Retail West Committee.
  1. 2018 Business Forum    Anthony went over the recap for the 2018 Business Forum. There was a total of 216 attendees in 2018 verses a total of 185 in 2016. There were 31 tradeshow exhibitors vs. 34 in 2016.  CTPMA’s new program for younger executive marketer attendees- a young executive academy that would teach leadership, self-assessment and leading a multi-generational workforce kicked off the BF and attendance was high due to keynote speaker Lou Holtz. Attendee surveys came back with overwhelming satisfaction for both marketers and tradeshow exhibitors. The 2020 BF will be held again at the Broadmoor July 20-22, 2020. 
  2. 2019 Meeting dates Anthony reviewed the remaining meeting schedule for 2019. The lubricants Townhall would be held the following day, March 7th, there will be a Young Executives Leadership Program TBD Aug/Sept 2019, a Fall Retail Board meeting in san Ramon with our supplier October 14& 15. Lubricant marketers will attend Chevron’s 1st source Leadership Forum October 28-30 at Dana Point California. The Executive Committee will hold its end of year planning meeting on November 25th city TBD in conference with the President. probably in Houston. 
  3. Committee Breakout Meetings Anthony mentioned that Commercial Products committee needed to develop their questions and discussion tactics for the Lubricants Townhall. The Retail Committee members then broke out separately to meet with Don Walker who attended due to new Senior Chevron management being in training and unavailable.


                There being no other business before the board, the meeting was adjourned at 4:32 PM.

              Respectfully submitted,

              Anthony Misetich