Members Present: Hank Heithaus, Wenda Lewis, Gary Brooks, Norm Crum, Shawn Frate, Jeff Hart, Dale Heinze, Craig Kellerstrass, Bill Kent, Alec McBarnett, , Larry Mitchell, Steve Moore, David Collins,  Chris Page, Vincent Sullivan, Mike Simmons, Scott Strong, Bill Thomas, Mike Simmons, Chris Lindblom, Josh Emmick.


Members Absent: Max Alvarez, Ryan Edone, Richard Becktel, Robert Arbasetti, Tim Shirley, Buddy Lott, Chuck McDaniel,


  1. Welcome President Mike Simmons opened the meeting at 1:00PM and thanked everyone for their participation.  Anthony Misetich then recognized three new board members- Wenda Lewis, Hank Heithaus, and Josh Emmick.
  2. Presentation by David NelsonDavid Nelson who was asked by the Executive Committee to moderate a discussion of CTPMA’s value proposition then discussed his findings with the entire board. David explained that the discussion with the executive committee focused on ways to increase participation of CTPMA’s members, get non- members interested in joining CTPMA , and making the association more relevant with Chevron Management despite whoever is overseeing their retail or lubricants operations. The specific focus points that CTPMA needed to address were: (a) Advocacy, (b) how to involve the next generation for marketer key managers and principals, (c) recruitment of non CTPMA Chevron marketers while retaining existing members,(d) and asking Chevron what they would like to see for CTPMA do have a more valuable relationship with Chevron. The board discussed these points and decided to spend time discussing the last item with Chevron in the next day’s meetings.
  3. Minutes of the July 25th Board minutes and November 28, 2016 Executive Committee Meeting Anthony Misetich presented the minutes from the last board meeting(s) and the board approved them as presented.
  4. Financial ReportAlec McBarnett CTPMA Treasurer reported that CTPMA’s financial position remained strong. The 2016 Business Forum report a profit of $65,000 and the Association ended up with $440,946 on December 31, 2016 in the bank vs. $399,646 at the end of December 2015.   The second month of operations for 2017 showed a cash position for the organization of $494,120 . CTPMA is within of budget as of the end of February.
  5. Membership Development  Anthony reviewed the CTPMA membership levels as compared with the previous 5 years. While 2016 showed a decline from the previous two years increases, CTPMA is following up on marketers who were previous members, and not yet rejoined for 2017 with invitation letters and e-mail blasts and e-news monthly bulletins and telephone calls to send in their dues. Anthony committed to send to board members (those who have time to call on) a list of 199 prospect marketers that CTPMA has developed and asked board members to follow up with marketers that they knew. Those members not yet joined will be contacted directly and there will be an additional membership solicitation campaign in April. Anthony recommended that a membership subcommittee be formed for 2017 consisting of board members that will be asked to place a call to prospective marketers.  Board members discussed the impact of the shrinking Chevron Marketer population. While it poses a challenge to CTPMA’s continued viability, the Association will need to focus on enhancing its value proposition through the previously mentioned advocacy efforts with Chevron and events that draw marketers to the Association.
  6. CTPMA Board Status Anthony reviewed board member composition of the Retail East, Retail West and Commercial Products Committees. Wenda Lewis and hank Heithaus were introduced as a new members of the Retail East Committee and Josh Emmick was introduced as a new member of the Commercial Products Committee.
  7. 2016 Business Forum Anthony reviewed the results for the 2016 Business Forum and showed that 185 people had attended including 34 trade show vendors and 24 Chevron Guests. The financial success was at $65,000 and the board unanimously agreed that Joe Theismann was a hit. Dale Walsh and Doug Hinzie were well received. However, there were trade show exhibitors that voiced their displeasure that they received no traffic from participating in the trade show. A discussion ensued as whether CTPMA should have a tradeshow at the Business Forum. Anthony explained that CTPMA generates $60,000 from the trade show exhibitors at the Business Forum. A contract has been signed with the Broadmoor for July 25-28, 2018 with rooms starting at $341.00 per night.  For the 2018 Business Forum, a new format for the exhibitors would be designed to give them the maximum exposure of the attendees.
  8. 2017 Meeting datesAnthony reviewed the remaining meeting schedule for 2017. CTPMA has calendared a retail training seminar in Atlanta for June, a retail committee meeting in San Ramon or at a location were the committee can assist Chevron with advocacy efforts for October. Lubricant marketers will attend Chevron’s 1stsource Leadership Forum during November. The Executive Committee will hold its end of year planning meeting on November 27.
  9. Committee Breakout MeetingsAnthony mentioned that two important questions to pose to both Chevron retail and lubricants that came out of the morning discussions with David Nelson are;From Chevron’s perspective- how can CTPMA become a better working partner with Chevron? and What can CTPMA do to help Chevron with Advocacy and with the Chevron Advocacy Network?CTPMA board members had been polled for other potential discussion topics with Chevron which he reviewed for both Retail East/West with Commercial Products developing their own during their breakout meeting. Committee members then broke out separately to refine and finalize their topics in preparation for the meetings with Chevron management on the following morning.


                There being no other business before the board, the meeting was adjourned at 4:21 PM.


Respectfully submitted,

Anthony Misetich