CTPMA East/West Retail Committee Meeting

San Ramon, C – October 16, 2017


Members Present: Buddy Lott, Gary Brooks, Ric Mayers, Nathan Crum, Vince Sullivan, Dale Heinze, Larry Mitchell, Scott Strong, Craig Kellerstrass, Ryan Edone


Members Absent:Bill Kent, Shawn Frate, Max Alvarez, Wenda Lewis, David Collins


  • WelcomeExecutive Director Anthony Misetich opened the meeting at 12:30PM and thanked  everyone for their participation. Anthony and the committee members reviewed the anti-trust compliance statement.


  • Financial ReportAnthony reported that CTPMA’s financial potion as of the end of August the association had $444, 699 in checking and savings. For eight months of operations- revenue was $148, 110 and expenses were $134,140. As of the end of August the net was $13,970.


  • Membership StatusAnthony reviewed CTPMA membership levels and reported that the organization is showing a two-member net gain for the year regarding total membership. That is 168 members vs. the 166 members in 2016. However, there are still members from 2016 whom have not rejoined CTPMA in 2017. Anthony will be attending the Lubricants 1stSource marketers conference in Florida in November to try to recruit additional members.


  • CTPMA Meeting ScheduleAnthony informed the retail boards about upcoming events including the Lubricants Marketers summit at Amelia Island Florida, the CTPMA Executive Committee Meeting on November 20thin Phoenix, the Spring full board meeting and lubricants townhall in Houston to be sometime in March (depending on Chevron’s schedule) and next year’s Business Forum July 22-25th 2018 at the Broadmoor.


  • CTPMA Retail East/West Board StatusAnthony reviewed board member composition of the Retail East and Retail West Committees. Anthony introduced new board member for the Retail East Committee Ric Mayers from Midstates Petroleum Company replacing Tim Shirley. Also, Ed Awad from Lee County Petroleum expressed interest in serving on the board replacing Hank Heithaus. Anthony also talked about new potential members to serve on the boards including Steve Wilcox for Retail West.


  • 2018 Business Forum Anthony reviewed the preliminary plans for next year’s Business Forum which included advising the Retail boards that contracts have been signed, the group rate is $341.00 per night. There will need to be a lot of interest generated for the trade show from CTPMA’s Associate members and vendors. The last trade show vendors felt that they had weak attendance by the Business Forum attendees. The layout of the trade show hall will be revised. The format of the Business Forum will change per the recommendation of the committees with Anthony working on inviting Chevron speakers/experts during sessions, the two Retail Vice Presidents to split speaking time at the President’s dinner and former Norte Dame football coach LOU HOLTZ to be the nationally known keynote speaker to open the 1stday of the Business Forum.


  • Committees Breakout MeetingAnthony reviewed the topics with the Retail Committee members who then proceeded to refine and finalize their topics in preparation for the meeting with Chevron Retail management the following morning.


There being no other business before the board, the meeting was adjourned at 3:45PM.


Respectfully submitted,

Anthony Misetich