Final CTPMA Discussion Topics for Tuesday, October 17th Retail Committee Meeting with Chevron

Present- , Nathan Crum, Dale Heinze, Buddy Lott, Larry Micthell, Scott Strong, Vince Sullivan, Gary Brooks, Craig Kellerstrass, Ryan Edone, Ric Mayers,

Chevron guests- Glenn Johnson, Don Walker

Meeting commenced at 8:00AM


CTPMA would like to start off by thanking you for taking the time to meet with us and discuss important issues to ensure we can continue to work in a mutually beneficial way.


CTPMA Members have been told that Chevron has updates on:


–       Hard dates for Inside EMV software rollout (all vendors). 120 day clock to get inside software up- after that fraud liability comes to the marketer

o  With that, is the $1,000 rebate still available on the East coast? Can you reiterate the remaining requirements: Cost, time site will be down, if it’s able to be updated remotely?

–       Re-refresh Image program details – Programs that is available every year for re-refresh 10% of a marketers sites Chevron provide approximately 75% (Chevron)-25% (Marketer) funds to roll out early 2018

–       Deployment for verifone Nov 2017- 120 window to load software

–       Gilbarco in December 2017   POS Hardware Upgrade

–       Wayne in January 2018ish POS  Hardware Upgrade

–       Sites must used approved hardware by Dec 31, 2017- Verifone possible March 1st

–       Contiune to progress outdoor EMV software development for 2018/2019 release working with dispenser vendors for potential discounts


In March meeting, Chevron mentioned a program to help ‘subsidize’ costs of EMV Dispenser Upgrades. Will a program still be created with the new 2020 requirement date pushed back? Working on this

  • Alternative Solution: Can Chevron purchase MPD’s in bulk to get best pricing and notify Marketers when to purchase?


Follow up: Can Chevron encourage vendors such as Verifone to increase signature storage capacity at the POS for up to 90 days since Chevron can come back on Charge backs that go further than the current storage space.$5,000 one time fee Glenn J has the contact at Verifone- cloud based.Gleen to provide to Anthony

–       This is available as a feature for Gilbarco’s new Insite 360 Advanced option. Will it be for other vendors?


Technology Request

–       Can Chevron start sending an email that includes a .pdf of the report after Image and Customer First shops are complete? (similar to the rack pricing email) Don Walker will provide to me ( follow up).


Technology –

–       What are your plans for the accepting/adopting newer payment technology? (NFC or P97)? Is Apple Pay going to remain the standard or are other options available? At CoCos NFC enablement for dispensers coming, mobile payment solution coming. PayPal or Chasepay for mobile devices- Chevron moving in this direction.Chevron requires a CVD code on applepay- EMV hardware will take the CVD off. NFC will be coming with new dispensers.


Supply – Retail in Mexico

–       Can you tell us where are you getting product from?  Concern that this will this impact supply on Border States. Are you taking ‘line space’ to support them? Will you update us what your plan is? Chevron has opened the 4thsite in Mexico. Sites buying from Pemex and additizing with Techron at the station.


Extra Mile –

–       Can you go into more detail about this merger? How far do you plan to take the EM brand? How do we get more information about it? 50-50 ventures with Jackson’s stores- hope to get to 1400 sites as a result of the joint venture.  Joint Venture to go live the middle of 2018. No boundaries, not limited to Chevron’s current markets.


Hurricanes and Natural Disasters-

–       How has Chevron coped with national supply issues in wakes of multiple hurricanes and natural disasters? Recommendations on how CTPMA marketers can prepare and handle these disasters. Also, how does Chevron react regarding accusations of price gouging by certain site operators?Chevron has an storm emergency response team that tracks hurricanes. Sites that price gouged in Texas were sent termination notices. Social media broadcasts stations that are gouging.


–       Can you update CTPMA on Chevron’s Advertising plans for 2018? Sports Teams, Social Media?Talking cars and fun animals – emotional connection with people. Theme “ more cleaning power”. Direction Spending going to more digital channels- can measure results better with digital, still use TV. 6 second spots are what is the future. Ads can be put onto pumps at the stations- see Don Walker. 15 seconds is the MAX for people’s attention these days. Highest viewing is NFL and then NBA. Stiving towards League level, team level, player level. Difficult for Chevron to have a social media program. Extra Mile is more on digital.

National Issues-

–       Will Chevron expand the FYS program?Budget has stayed the same-$10M Starting to rotate markets- not growing – will grow in markets where a marketer is willing to participate and partner. Most successful in terms of community engagement.

o  It seems to be very successful within its markets.


Chevron divesting assets worldwide: Hawaii, Canada, South Africa, Cal Tex


–       What is Chevron’s long-term outlook worldwide and within the US?

–       Gasoline outlook, Alternative Fuels ( Hydrogen Fuel Cells )

Richmond Refinery Modernization, Salt Lake Refinery Alkylation Retrofit – refining committemnts.

Hydrogen, electric non economic investments ( not potential disruptors to the retail business in this time 2020-2025)


SUPPLY (non California) –

  • What terminals do you have non-ethanol availability and what plans do you have to expand it in the future.
  • Would CVX consider allowing non ethanol product under the canopy if it’s clearly labeled?Will expand supply if there is a market. Yes there are branding standars, must hacve Techron.


The meeting ended at 10:59 AM